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Loss of Share Certificates

Loss of Share Certificates Q1 : In case of loss of share certificates, what steps one should take to obtain duplicate share certificates? Ans : Immediately on the knowledge of loss of share certificates, one should inform M/s. Karvy Computershare Private Limited, RTA at Plot No. 17 – 24, Vithalrao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500 081, A...

Dated:Sep 29, 2016

Miscellaneous Q1 : Can a shareholder authorise another person to deal in his shares. Does such kind of information be reported to PI Industries Ltd? Ans : Yes. One can do so by executing a Power of Attorney in favour of the concerned person and submit a notarised copy of the same to our RTA, M/s. Karvy Computershare Private Limited at Plot No. 17 -...

Dated:Sep 29, 2016
Unclaimed Dividend

Unclaimed Dividend The Company has appointed M/s Karvy Computershare Private Limited, (Karvy) for the share registry work (both physical and demat segments). Consequent upon amendment to Section 205A of the Companies Act, 1956 and introduction of Section 205C by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1999, the amount of dividend remaining unclaimed for a period of s...

Dated:Sep 29, 2016
CSR Policy

当社のCSRポリシーは、社会的価値を創造し、人々のニーズに応える包括的な社会発展を目指します。 人々が科学主導の革新的な恩恵を享受できることを重視しています。 私たちのゴールは、経済成長が社会的、環境的に「持続可能な社会」に繋がることです。 私たちのCSR活動範囲は、社会から取り残された、不利な立場にある、貧しい不遇な立場の方々です。 私たちの工場周辺や事業活動地域の社会経済開発活動に参加することで、社会的弱者や地域から疎外された人々が、持続的により高い収入を得て、より良い生活ができるようにします。 CSR活動を通して、安全な飲料水、公衆衛生設備、など、基本的な地域社会の環境整備に貢献します。 ...

Dated:Jul 08, 2020
National Events

November 2015 18 - 20 The International Rice Symposium The International Rice Symposium was held from 18th–20th November, 2015 at JT Agricultural University auditorium. The symposium was inaugurated by the Honorable Union Minister for Labour and Employment, Shri Bandaru Dattatreya. There were 30 foreign delegates from Bangladesh, Sri L...

Dated:Oct 18, 2016

June 2016 1、2日 Chemspec Europe 2016 Chemspec ケルン 2016の参加により、当社事業開発チームは、多国籍展開する新規顧客候補の企業様と意見交換や討議する数多くの機会を頂戴しました。 2016年6月1、2日 スイス バーゼルで開催されたChemspecは、戦略的パートナーをお探しの多くの農薬ビジネスのグローバル企業様にとって、潜在的なカスタム化学合成のパートナーとしての当社...

Dated:Jun 12, 2017
PI won Certificate of Appreciation from National Safety Council of India

PI won Certificate of Appreciation from National Safety Council of India PI Industries won the Golden Peacock Award for Quality in the year 2016 . held at Hotel The Meydan, Dubai (UAE) on 20 th April ...

Dated:Sep 30, 2016
Jambusar Gujrat

Photos Jambusar, Gujarat Jambusar , Gujarat 5616 x 3744, 300 DPI ...

Dated:May 15, 2017
Panoli Gujarat

Photos Panoli, Gujarat Panoli , Gujarat 5616 x 3744, 350 DPI ...

Dated:May 15, 2017

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Enjoys track record of stellar performance in terms of quantity, quality and on-time deliveries.

An important global partner with leading innovator agro chemical companies and MNCs

A rich pipeline of high quality crop protection products for farmers in the agrochemicals industry, crucial for India’s food security

Ethical, fair and driven by Trust, Adaptability, Speed and Innovation

Respects product patents, safety, health and environment