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VOLTAGE is a foliar, contact insecticide/ acaricide based on the chemistry of cyclic ketoenols, which contains 22.9% active ingredient Spiromesifan. It is used as foliar spray for the control of spider mite in Brinjal & Tea; Yellow mite in Chilli, European red mite & Red spider mite in Apple. VOLTAGE provides good to excellent activity against all developmental stages (eggs and nymphs) of Whiteflies and Mites. It’s mode of action and lack of cross resistance to commercial products make VOLTAGE a valuable tool for mite and whitefly resistance management.

Trade Name: VOLTAGE

Common Name: Spiromesifan

Formulation: 22.9% SC


  • VOLTAGE provides outstanding & long persistent control against all developmental stages (eggs and nymphs) of whiteflies and mites.
  • VOLTAGE effectively controls the most destructive life stage –Nymphs.
  • VOLTAGE application results in reduced fecundity and laying of sterile eggs hence a longer duration of control.
  • VOLTAGE is friendly to beneficial and pollinators - Perfect fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • VOLTAGE is safe to plant, applicator, environment and to soil microorganisms when used as per the recommendations.

Mode of Action

VOLTAGE has a new mode of action inhibiting lipid biosynthesis. The biological activity of tetronic acids correlates with inhibition of lipogenesis especially triglycerides and free fatty acids.

Recommended Dosages:

Brinjal Red spider mites 400 ml
Tea Red spider mites 400 ml
Apple European Red mites & Red spider mites 300 ml
Chilli Chilli yellow mites 400 ml


Available in 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre packs.


No specific antidote, treat symptomatically.


  • Poisonous. Handle with care.
  • Do not touch or inhale the contents.
  • Wear protective clothing and protective gloves while handling the product.
  • After working with the product, wash your hands with soap and copious amount of water.

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