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VIBRANT is a new granular insecticide having systemic and contact activity for effective control of stem borer and leaf folder in Rice

Trade Name: VIBRANT

Common Name: Thiocyclam Hydrogen Oxalate

Formulation:Thiocyclam hydrogen oxalate 4% GR

Features Benefits
Dual action Due to different Mode of Action, VIBRANT works on both target pests i.e stem borer and leaf folder
Healthy crop Right time application of Vibrant gives effective protection and control from stem borer larva hidden inside the plant which results in more sturdy and productive tillers
Easy & Economical Application High quality granule formulation save cost of application

Mode of Action

When the larvae of Rice stem borer or leaf folder damages the VIBRANT treated rice plant, VIBRANT enters into the insect system and starts working at the nervous system.

VIBRANT blocks the transmission of information in the larva. Vibrant treated larva gets quickly paralyzed and stops feeding and damaging the rice plant. VIBRANT treated larva loose response and tension in its body resulting in quiet death.

Application Method

  • VIBRANT should be applied in:
    • Transplanted rice between 15 - 25 days after transplanting.
    • Direct Seeded rice 20 – 30 Days after sowing
  • VIBRANT should be evenly broadcasted in the entire rice field. The applicator can also mix VIBRANT with sand or fertilizer.
  • VIBRANT should be applied under moist field conditions. Good moisture or 3-4 cm standing water should be maintained in the rice field after one week of VBRANT application.

Recommended Dosages:

CROP Common name of the pest Dosage/Hectare Waiting period in days
Active Ingredient (g) Formulation (g/ml) Water dilution (lt)
Rice Stem Borer, Leaf folder 500 12500 - 30


Available in 1 kg and 5 kg pack.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

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