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OVAL is a systemic insecticide based on active ingredient Acephate and is used for the control of Jassids & Bollworms of Cotton and Aphids of Safflower. OVAL is non-phytotoxic to the plant when recommended dosage are used.

Trade Name: OVAL

Common Name: Acephate

Formulation: 75% SP


  • OVAL primarily controls sucking pests like Aphids, Jassids and Bollworms.
  • OVAL treated crops are also protected from viral diseases, usually transmitted by sucking pests.

Mode of Action

  • OVAL is a systemic insecticide used to control sucking and biting insects by direct contact or ingestion.

Recommended Dosages:

Cotton Jassids 390 g
Cotton Bollworm 780 g
Safflower Aphids 780 g


Available in 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg & 5 kg packs.


Atropinize the patient immediately and maintain by repeated doses of 2 to 4 mg at 5 to 10 minutes interval for hours together till symptoms continue.

Administer 1 to 2 mg of 2 PAM dissolved in 10 cc distilled water and inject intravenously (slowly taking 10 to 15 minutes).


  • Use face mask, eye shield, overalls during handling.
  • Wash hands, face and other contaminated body parts with soap and water after handling.
  • If eyes are contaminated then wash with plenty of fresh water.
  • Keep away from foodstuffs and animal feed.

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