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Header is an innovative fungicide with specialized formulation for excellent fungicidal activity on rice blast along with plant health benefits.

The Capsule Suspension (CS) formulation helps in gradual and slow release of the chemical, thus providing a long lasting protection against the fungus.

Trade Name: HEADER

Common Name: Pyraclostrobin 10% CS

Formulation: 10% CS

Mode of Action

Header kills the fungus by inhibiting the electron transport chain in the mitochondria of the fungal cell, thus killing the fungal for lack of energy

Header forms deposits on the leaf that are firmly bound to the waxy layer for long-lasting effects.

Application Method:

  • Header should be applied through foliar application only for the management of Rice blast and crop health benefits.
  • Time of application:

    • Leaf Blast: Header should be applied when the first initial symptoms are seen in the field
    • Neck Blast : Header should be applied at swollen stem or booting stage for the management of neck blast of rice. Header application can be repeated 12-15 days after first application depending upon the weather conditions.
  • Dose : 400 ml/acre
  • Dilution and Spray water quantity: Use minimum of 200 lt water application of Header. Ensure complete plant canopy coverage.
Features Benefits
Healthier and Greener Flag leaf Header application keeps the flag leaf greener and disease free, thus helping in more accumulation of dry matter in the grains, leading to higher quantity and quality yield
Improved nutrients use efficiency
Header stimulates the plant for better utilisation of the Nitrogenous fertilisers, leading to sturdy growth of the rice plant.
Header enhanced photosynthetic activity thus stimulating the plant for higher yield
Uniform panicle emergence Header application leads to uniform panicle emergence ,grain filling, uniform maturity and ripening
Inhibition of Ethylene biosynthesis Header Inhibits ethylene biosynthesis, thus providing more time to the plant to divert food to the panicles, resulting in higher quality yield
Excellent management of blast Header Inhibits provides excellent management of Blast in prophylactic application

Recommended Dosages:

CROP Common name of the pest Dosage/Hectare Waiting period in days
Active Ingredient (g) Formulation (ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)
Rice Blast 100 1000 500 18


Available in 400 ml and 1000 ml.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

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