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Fender is a highly effective and synergistic combination of Fluxapyroxad and Epoxiconazole for the management of sheath blight of rice.

Fender lays a strong foundation of healthy and quality yield along with Sheath Blight management

Trade Name: FENDER

Common Name: Fluxapyroxad 6.25% + Epoxiconazole 6.25% EC

Formulation: 12.5% EC

Mode of Action

Fender is a combination of highly effective SDHI and Triazole chemistry. The combined effect of the activity disrupts the fungal cell wall along with inhibiting the energy production in the mitochondria of the fungal cell.

Fender is a Synergistic combination of two different chemistries, which provides powerful, effective and reliable protection against sheath blight of Rice, along with robust crop stand.

Application Method:

  • Fender should be applied through foliar application only for the management of Sheath Blight of Rice.
  • Time of application: Fender should be applied at the time of maximum tillering stage or 25-35 days after transplanting depending upon the rice variety and field conditions
  • Dose : 300 ml/acre
  • Dilution and Spray water quantity: Use minimum of 150-200 lt water application of Fender. Ensure complete plant canopy coverage.
  • Repeat the application of Fender 15-20 days after first application depending upon Sheath Blight incidence and weather conditions
Features Benefits
Dual action Reliable and advanced Sheath Blight Management due to different and synergistic mode of Action
Hyper flow
Protection of the rice crop from sheath blight immediately after application.
Safety of the growing parts due to faster movement in the plant system
Crystalline deposits on the plant surface Complete protection to the plant parts due to formation of a unique crystalline layer on the plant surface, thus protecting the crop from the attack of the fungus
Healthy crop Application at active tillering stage, not only provides protection against Sheath Blight, but also lays a foundation for strong and robust crop

Recommended Dosages:

CROP Common name of the pest Dosage/Hectare Waiting period in days
Active Ingredient (g) Formulation (ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)
Rice Sheath Blight 78.12-93.75 625-750 500 33


Available in 300 ml and 750 ml.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

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