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ELITE is a new Corn Specific Early Post Emergent Herbicide against major narrow & broad leafy weeds.

Trade Name: ELITE

Common Name: Topramezone

Formulation: 33.6 % SC

Mode of Action

  • ELITE inhibits 4-HPPD enzyme in chloroplasts of susceptible weed plants resulting in bleaching symptoms followed by complete kill within 10-12 days after application.

Application Method:

  • ELITE should be applied at 2-5 leaf stage of the weeds.
  • ELITE should be applied in combination with SOLARO & OUTRIGHT. Combined application of ELITE+ SOLARO gives synergistic effects. ELITE+ SOLARO stock solution should be prepared before application.
  • ELITE should be applied under moist field conditions using flat fan nozzle.
Features Benefits
Broad Spectrum Weed Control Effectively kills all major narrow & broad leafy weeds of corn.
Crop Safety Completely safe for all the corn species at all the growth stages.
More Yield & Profit
Reduces Crop Weed Competition by killing all major weeds
Yield increases & cost of cultivation reduces

Recommended Dosages:

CROP Common name of the pest Dosage/Hectare Waiting period in days
Active Ingredient (g) Formulation (ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)
Maize Major corn weeds 33.6 g a.i./L+ MSO adjuvant @2ml/L water 75 ml + MSO adjuvant @2ml/L water 375 83


Available in 30 ml pack.


No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

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