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CUPRINA is a broad spectrum fungicide with active ingredient Copper Oxychloride. It has properties of bactericide due to its copper content which is effective against Downy Mildew of Grapes & Anthracnose of Mango. WDG is the improved formulation and gives better results than the existing WP formulation. CUPRINA forms a fine layer of active ingredient on sprayed crops resulting in enhanced efficacy. It is not easily washed off by rains, and is retained for longer time on the plant surface making it more effective in controlling target organisms

Trade Name: CUPRINA

Common Name: Copper Oxychloride

Formulation: 50% WG


  • CUPRINA is a broad spectrum of target crops and diseases
  • CUPRINA is a fungicide with bactericidal properties
  • CUPRINA provides optimized leaf coverage
  • CUPRINA gives better adherence to leaf surface
  • CUPRINA has increased resistance to wash offs
  • CUPRINA provides greater stability in tank mixes
  • CUPRINA gives better disease control
  • CUPRINA can be used in combination and tank mix

Mode of Action

Disease control with the use of a copper based fungicide is done by disrupting the functions of the cellular proteins of fungi and bacteria. This is because when cupric ions are released in the presence of moisture, it destroys the secondary and tertiary structures (denaturation) of these proteins upon contact. Once these proteins are denatured, its functions are lost

Recommended Dosages:

Grapes Downy mildew 240 g/ 100lW
Mango Anthracnose 240 g/ 100lW


Available in 500 g & 1 kg packs


Empty stomach by gastric lavage with milk or preferably with solution of potassium ferrocyanide. Administer egg white and other demulcent, maintain electolyte and fluid balance. Dose of penicillamine 15-40 mg/kg divided into four dosages should be administered for five days. Dimercaprol solution should be given 3 mg/kg intravenously, every four hours for first four days and 2 mg/kg every twelve hours for ten days.


  • Avoid inhalation and skin contact while diluting because of spillages or splashes, do not mix with bare hands.
  • The users should use full protective clothing which includes rubber gloves, boots, either face shield or dust mask and overall or rubber apron hood or hat.
  • Use in high concentration with low and ultra-low volume applications equipment is dangerous and should be avoided.

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