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PI Annual Meet 2015 – Shift me

The theme for this year “SHIFT ” focused on internalizing a shift in attitude that could help every individual to move forward and constantly stay ahead of the rest by bringing in a fresh change in the ‘System’, ‘Habits’ and ‘Technique’ with ‘Focus’ and ‘Intelligence’.

The two day highly motivational event was action packed with various performances, workshops and Awards. Employees were engaged in activities that helped them come up with ideas for bringing the desired shift in their respective areas of business, to be implemented in the year ahead. High performers for the year gone by, were rewarded for their achievements at the PI award ceremony. Vilas Nayak, the famous speed painter of Asia, unveiled the winners with his on-spot painting on canvas of the winning faces. Everybody enjoyed the extraordinary performances by ‘Angels in Grooves’ and Avijit Tinku, the winners of India’s Got Talent, Season 3. One of the most inspiring moments was when Harsha Bhogle and Vivek Bindra motivated the PI team with their powerful speech. The event came to an end with the mesmerizing voice of singer Jyotsana Narang.

The Annual Meet ended on high spirits, inspiring everyone to think big, shift the gear and stay ahead.

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