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PI Annual Meet 2014 - Orbit

After the tremendous success of Quantum Leap, Xxcellerate and Momentum, ORBIT (Outstanding Rigor Beyond Infinite Threshold) was the theme for the PI Annual Meet 2014.

The theme aimed to revitalize the PI team with a renewed energy and introduce them to the many challenges that lay ahead of them.

The venue for this grand launch was the magnificent Hyatt Regency in Dubai. Held from 25th to 28th May 2014, the meet was divided into two parts with each sub group attending two days each. Attended by over 400 employees, the meet aspired members to cross their threshold and reach a new orbit.

The highlights of the meet included motivational sessions by Mark Inglis and Priya Kumar. Mark Inglis, the first ever amputee to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, moved the PI team with his monumental achievements. Mark proved that with outstanding rigor, discipline and hard work any challenge can be overcome. The sensational Priya Kumar, on the other hand, built trust and reliability among team mates with her training sessions which included various team building activities like board breaking and others. While special dance sequences like the Salsa, Flamingo, Jazz and Arabic captivated and enthralled the members through the night.

The meet also honored the achievements of company’s top performers who delivered outstanding results throughout the year with special awards at the Gala evening.

The two day meet also gave members an opportunity to explore the scenes and sights of Dubai. The team also partook in an adventurous and thrilling Desert Safari with a special evening at the Desert Camp.

The end of the annual meet marked the beginning of a new journey, a journey which would require the team to work with outstanding rigor to cross their threshold and reach new heights of success.

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