PI Industries is now a fully compliant ISO 27001:2013 Certified organisation

PIはISO27001:2013 認定取得(グルガオン本社、ウダイプールに続きパノーリ、ジャンブサール工場全事業所にて認定)組織となりました。

Jan, 2020

PI Industries has been awarded ISO 27001:2013 Certification from British Standards Institute for implementation of information security based on global standards and frameworks. With the recent audit, the certification has been renewed for Udaipur and Gurgaon locations of PI Industries Ltd and fresh Certifications issued for all its plants located at Jambusar and Panoli. The certifications are applied with respect to Information security management system at PI Industries Ltd in the field of Agri Sciences, CSM - Agchem, Manufacturing and Distribution Services with support functions of the Company viz. CreAgro, Administration, Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance and Legal from its offices/ facilities as indicated here.

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Top reasons to invest in PI:

Enjoys track record of stellar performance in terms of quantity, quality and on-time deliveries.

An important global partner with leading innovator agro chemical companies and MNCs

A rich pipeline of high quality crop protection products for farmers in the agrochemicals industry, crucial for India’s food security

Ethical, fair and driven by Trust, Adaptability, Speed and Innovation

Respects product patents, safety, health and environment