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Culture and Values

PI strives to create a work culture that has innovation at its core. A culture of diverse, outstanding employees who drive and go beyond to deliver. We are constantly looking to renew ourselves through new opportunities and new ways of going forward. We learn and gain inspiration from each other and are always open to new ideas. We recognize and reward results that contribute to the greater good .

Our never-ending effort to take innovation to the common man instills a sense of pride in our employees and they are always ready to go that extra mile to achieve that. In PI, we respect the vision and the values that our founder imbibed in every employee who were and are a part of the organisation.

Working with PI is not merely a job. It's a journey. An experience. There's so much to explore here - even about yourself - that every day is a new interesting and challenging day. We offer an enjoyable work environment and we work together to realize your potential,and be recognized for your work. We want you to fulfill your aspirations.

Welcome to PI, emerging as the preferred work place that professionals want to come home to. At PI, we uphold best practices shared by our multi-cultural workforce.

We invest in nurturing our intellectual capital and provide job enrichment through our Development Cell. We offer you the space to grow and realize your aspirations.

Top reasons to invest in PI:

Enjoys track record of stellar performance in terms of quantity, quality and on-time deliveries.

An important global partner with leading innovator agro chemical companies and MNCs

A rich pipeline of high quality crop protection products for farmers in the agrochemicals industry, crucial for India’s food security

Ethical, fair and driven by Trust, Adaptability, Speed and Innovation

Respects product patents, safety, health and environment