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Form for Clearing Service

Form for Clearing Service (ECS)

Q1 : Is the ECS facility available across the country?

Ans : No. The Reserve Bank of India has introduced ECS facility at select cities only.

Q2 : Bank details for Electronic Shareholdings

Ans :  While opening Accounts with Depository Participants (DPs), you may have given your Bank Account details, which will be used by PI Industries Ltd for printing on dividend warrants or remittance of dividend. This ensures that the dividend warrants, even if lost or stolen, cannot be used for any purpose other than for depositing the money in the Account specified on the dividend warrants and ensures safety for investors. However, if you wish to receive dividend in an Account other than the one specified while opening the Depository Account, you may change / correct Bank Account details with your DP. Shareholders are requested to furnish complete details of their Bank Accounts including MICR codes of their Bank to their DPs.

PI Industries Ltd under the guidance and co-operation of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) arranged direct deposit of dividend amounts to the Bank Accounts of shareholders holding shares in electronic form for the years 1998-1999 and 1999-2001. The dividend amounts were remitted to the Bank Accounts, as per the particulars given by the shareholders to their Depository Participants (DPs). Immediately on remittance of dividend amounts under this scheme, PI Industries Ltd advised the shareholders concerned furnishing particulars of remittance of dividend amounts to their Bank Accounts.

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