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Change of Address

Change of Address

Q1 : If a shareholder wants to incorporate the change in his address then what procedure should he follow?

Ans : A request letter for updation of records need to be filled in giving the new address along with the Pin Code (Mandatory) and signed by the shareholder(s) (including all joint-holders) as per the specimen recorded with PI Industries Ltd. Also the folio number must be quoted for reference.

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Q2 : Can joint-holder(s) other than the first holder request for a change of address?

Ans : No. The request letter for updation of records should be signed by the first holder along with the signatures of the joint holders.

Q3 : Why do the shareholders have to wait till the expiry of the validity period of the original warrant? Why can't PI Industries Ltd issue stop payment instructions to the bank on the original warrant and issue a duplicate immediately?

Ans :No. There can only be one registered address for one folio.

Q4 : If the shares are in electronic mode, what is the procedure for recording change of the address ?

Ans : Since the Depository Participant (DP) maintains the records of all the shares in electronic form, therefore any information pertaining to the change in address needs to be furnished to the respective DP. The said DP will then pass on this information to PI Industries Ltd as and when required for dispatch of Annual Accounts; Postal ballots, Issue of Bonus shares; payment of dividend or any other communication.

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